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Sunday, May 15, 2011

List Updated!

I just had a new commission roll in from Garden Ninja Studios which required me to update my army list.
The following commission added almost 40 infantry along with conversions for Harker, Pask, Creed and Kell.  As far as conversions go I have most of the IG codex characters represented in this army. There are only a handful of characters left that require conversion work and of that small group there are a few which I may leave out of the army entirely. That is pretty exciting as I am verging on this army being "done." No doubt I will add a squad here and there or a random tank as eBay deals or new game strategies crop up, but as it stands this army is large enough with plenty of options to keep me happy.  I will follow this post with pictures of the converted figures. 

Side note: It became apparent that I am low on sergeants so I will be redoubling my efforts to track down the elusive miniatures so that I can make better use of my growing "blob" of infantry.  I may try my hand at converting the standard bearer into a sergeant, as it already has a chainsword and would only need a pistol added to make a functional sergeant figure.

Praetorian 77th:
89 Troopers
2 Lions (body guards)
1 Commissar Yarrick
1 Iron Hand Straken Conversion
1 Marbo Conversion
1 Sgt. Harker Conversion
1 Creed Conversion
1 Kell Conversion
3 LT. (2 Converted)
1 Astropath
1 Officer of the Fleet
1 Master of Ordinance
6 Sergeant (4 w/Power Weapon, 1 w/Plasma Pistol, 2 w/Chainswords)
2 Bugler
2 Standards (1 Kell Conversion)
3 Mortar Team HWT
4 Missile Launcher HWT
5 Heavy Bolter HWT
3 Lascannon HWT
4 Autocannon HWT
6 Commissar (1 female)
8 Flamer
4 Grenade Launcher
8 Melta
1 Primaris Psyker
10 Penal Legion (Kroot with Overseer)
10 Psyker Batte Squad
10 Converted Veterans (Carapace Armor/Demo Charge, 3 melta)
10 Converted Veterans (3 Plasma Guns, Demo Charge, Sgt w/powerfist)
10 Converted Veterans (2 Flamer, 1 Heavy Flamer, Shotguns, Sgt w/powerweapon)
10 Steel Legion (3 Plasma)
10 Vostroyans (3 Plasma)
1 Techpriest
2 Servitors (1 Heavy Bolter)
6 Ratlings
3 Medics
8 Rough Riders (6 lances, 2 Melta)
6 Ogryn
3 Scout Sentinel
3 Armored Sentinel
1 Chimera (FW Armored Skirts)
1 Chimera (Ogryn Transport)
1 Chimera (Psyker Transport)
1 Basilisk
1 Banewolf Hellhound variant
1 Hellhound (old)
1 Hellhound (new with multiple options)
1 Leman Russ (HB Sponsons)
1 Leman Russ (no Sponsons)
1 Exterminator (Plasma Sponsons)
1 Executioner (multiple sponsons)
1 Leman Russ Vanquisher w/Pask Conversion (hull Lascannnon)
1 Hydra (FW)
1 Manticore (FW)
1 Deathstrike Missile
1 Destroyer Tank Hunter (FW)
1 Vendetta Gunship
1 Stormlord Super Heavy Tank
1 Shadowsword Super Heavy Tank
1 Warhound Titan (Armorcast)

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